2005 mercury mountaineer reviews

For over 70 years, the Mercury brand churned out vehicles that were amongst the finest on the road. Its lack of differentiation resulted in a muddy brand identity, declining sales, and its ultimate demise. While no longer in production, the Mercury name continues on in the many Mercury vehicles still on the road today. Mercury vehicles were sold for over 70 years, with the majority of them being based on Ford platforms with some unique styling details and special features that were meant to try and differentiate them and enhance their desirability relative to their Ford counterparts.

The marque was phased out in as a result of lackluster sales and the Ford Motor Company deciding to refocus its efforts on its more profitable and appealing core Ford and upscale Lincoln brands. Origin 2. Early Years 3. An Identity Crisis 4. Mercury Vehicles of the s - s 5. The Final Countdown and Extinction. InEdsel Ford came up with the idea of marketing and selling cars that were a level or two higher than mainstream Ford branded models in terms of luxury, but a step below the upscale Lincoln models.

The price gap between the highest trimmed Ford and the base Lincoln model was quite substantial and Edsel hoped to fill that gap with a new entry-level luxury car aimed at this subsection of reliability, luxury, and affordability. This strategy of establishing a ladder of consumption for their vehicle brands had already been done by market leader General Motors, and Chrysler was also following suit. Therefore, striving to keep pace with GM, Ford aimed to institute the same sort of hierarchy.

Initially, there was much debate within the Ford Motor Company regarding whether this new intermediate vehicle should be a new Ford model, or if it should be spun off into a brand of its own. The logo of the Mercury brand when it started was of its namesake, the Roman god Mercury. The first vehicle from the new brand was the Mercury Eight. Production of the model began in and was released to the public in It was a completely new car, different from any Ford or Lincoln at the time.

It would go on to become a classic automobile, becoming popular with customizers and even making appearances in TV shows and movies, including the film Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean, who drove the car in the movie. During the early years of the brand's existence, Mercury was its own division within the Ford Motor Company and became known for performance. Edsel models were aimed at the gaps between Fords and Mercurys.

As a result, the market was unable to figure out how to regard Mercury; was it an upscale Ford or was it an entry level Lincoln? The Edsel was a disaster in every sense of the word and it was discontinued following the year. The division name was then returned to Lincoln-Mercury. Bysales were again prospering as the country was a few years removed from the end of the war and postwar Mercury Eight models were reaching showroom floors.

2005 mercury mountaineer reviews

The Mercury Eight was the only model offered by the brand — albeit in different body styles - until it was discontinued following the year, coinciding with the release of the full-size Mercury Monterey car in The Monterey actually was introduced in as part of the Mercury Eight series, but became its own model in ; it was discontinued following the year but the name was revived once again for a short time in the s as a minivan, until being discontinued for good following Sharing many of its features with the Ford Explorerthe vehicles were virtually identical in terms of hardware.

Some controversy resulted after the media highlighted a number of rollovers involving Explorers and Mountaineers fitted with Firestone tires. The Mountaineer has been praised for its excellent handling and stability. While sharing its body with the Blazer, Oldsmobile differentiated the Bravada with the use of model-specific trim and a dedicated all-wheel drive powertrain in place of part-time four-wheel drive.

ForJeep briefly revived the long-running Grand Wagoneer nameplate as part of the Jeep Grand Cherokee model line, using woodgrain exterior trim and a leather interior; limited sales led to its cancellation after a single model year.

In contrast to the outdoors-themed Explorer Eddie Bauer, the Limited was geared towards on-road driving; it was fitted with all-wheel drive in place of traditional four-wheel drive. The Limited was also distinguished by monochromatic body trim, body-color bumpers, and chrome wheels. As part of the redesign of the Explorer forthe Limited remained part of the Explorer lineup, with the segment gaining additional competitors through the use of badge engineering.

To minimize model overlap, Mercury was chosen to sell a version of the mid-size Ford Explorer, while Lincoln would sell a version of the then-upcoming full-size Ford Expedition. The Mercury Mountaineer began production in April [5] as a model. As with the Ford Explorer Limited, the Mercury Mountaineer was offered only in a four-door body configuration.

After its first year, sales of the Mountaineer fell short of Lincoln-Mercury sales projections. Following several revisions in andthe Mountaineer would go on to become the third-best selling vehicle in the Mercury division, behind only the Sable and the Grand Marquis.

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To differentiate it from its Ford counterpart, the Mountaineer was styled with a distinct dark-gray lower body color scheme; while visually similar to the Explorer, the Mountaineer adopted the chrome waterfall grille styling of the Grand Marquis. While the taillights were model-specific, the rear hatch and bumper were shared with the European-export version of the Explorer.

Mercury Mountaineer

As part of a model revision, the Mountaineer was given a model-specific grille and headlights, larger wheels, and a new rear hatch design. The Mercury Mountaineer shares the chassis of the four-door Ford Explorer, following its redesign.

Though heavily based upon the first-generation Ford Ranger, the sport-utility vehicles are wider and are based on a separate wheelbase.

As with the Ford Explorer, the Mountaineer is fitted with fully independent wishbone front suspension. Forthe Mercury Mountaineer was fitted with a hp 5. Forthe hp 4. Like the Ford Explorer, the V8 engine was mated to either rear-wheel drive or full time all-wheel drive viscous coupling center differential ; part-time four-wheel drive was unavailable with the V8 engine.

The first-generation Mercury Mountaineer was introduced in a single trim level, offering many optional features of the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer and Limited as standard.

ForMercury introduced a V6-engined version of the Mountaineer to expand its price range.

2003 Ford Explorer V8 Limited Reliability

Though including a different powertrain, Mercury chose to offer largely the same features on both versions. For the model year, the second-generation Mercury Mountaineer was introduced as a counterpart to the third-generation Ford Explorer.

In various forms, style elements of the Mountaineer would appear across the Mercury line, including the Grand Marquis, Montego, Milan, Monterey, and Mariner. As part of the redesign, the Mountaineer was given further differentiation from the Explorer; while sharing the same roofline and doors, much of the lower sheetmetal was different, with the Mountaineer having different front fenders and hood, front and rear bumpers, liftgate, and taillamps. Sharing a chassis with the third-generation Ford Explorer, the Mountaineer was fitted with four-wheel independent suspension.

Sharing the 4. For the model year, Ford redesigned its mid-size SUVs. While its U platform was all-new, the third-generation Mountaineer followed on with the success of its predecessor by retaining nearly its entire exterior, unlike the Explorer. For the Mountaineer, the exterior redesign featured clear lens tail lamps, turn signal repeaters on the front fenders, larger wheels, satin silver trim on the sideview mirrors and bumpers; the Mercury logos on the grille and tailgate were enlarged.

Since the discontinuation of the Lincoln Aviator left the Mountaineer as the top nameplate of the Ford mid-size SUV model lineup, much of the attention of the redesign was focused in the interior trim and features to better differentiate it from the Explorer Eddie Bauer and Limited. Carried over from the Lincoln Aviator was the option of a DVD-based navigation system with voice control; this system would be unavailable on the Explorer until The Ford C3 transmission and its descendants are a family of light-duty longitudinal automatic transmissions built by the Ford Motor Company.

The Bordeaux Automatic Transmission Plant, in BlanquefortFrance in the Bordeaux metropolitan area produces automatic transmissions for a variety of rear-wheel drive vehicles. The facility opened in and was shortly followed by an expansion, the Bordeaux Transaxle Plant, in to focus on automatic transmissions for front-wheel drive Fords.

Bordeaux Automatic Transmission's first product was the C3 3-speed automatic transmission for the Ford Pinto. The C3 design was succeeded by the A4LD 4-speed automatic during the mids and was in turn succeeded by the 4R44 and 4R55 4-speed automatics during the mids. Though the sale will be completed as early as Aprilthe plant will continue to provide transmissions for Ford until and employment levels at the plant are expected to remain unchanged.

Up to and after the production of automatic transmissions for Ford at the Bordeaux plant, HZ Holding expects to invest as much as million Euros in the plant for new industrial projects, including producing components for wind turbines. Not Bordeaux. The C3 was introduced as a lightweight 3-speed automatic for compact cars like the Ford Pinto.

It was used with four cylinder and small V6 engines. The final appearance of this transmission was in the Merkur XR4Ti. This transmission was introduced in Europe on the Ford Scorpio and in North America with the Bronco II and Rangeragain with four- and six-cylinder engines only. It was replaced by the 4R44E and 4R55E in This was the first Ford automatic to use an EEC-controlled torque converter lock-up clutch. Electronic shift control for the 3—4 shift was later added, another first, though other gears remained hydraulic.

For the model year, the A4LD was upgraded to feature full electronic controls, resulting in a new transmission family. The two major versions of this new transmission were the 4R44E and 4R55E.

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The transmissions are fundamentally similar in design, varying only in the durability of key components based on the type of duty they were to be used for. The 4R44E was used in lighter-duty applications, namely with 4-cylinder or 3. The 4R55E was short-lived however as it was replaced in all instances where it was used with the newer 5R55E during the model year.

The 5R55E, though mechanically similar to the 4-speed 4R55E, was a new breed of electronically controlled automatic transmission with an additional forward gear. It was the first 5-speed automatic transmission to be employed by an American automaker.

The 5R55E featured more precise computer controls necessary to accommodate the additional forward gear and introduced with a sophisticated friction-to-friction shift ability. An example of these transmissions used in a single vehicle line would be in versions of the Ford Ranger pickup where the lighter-duty 5R44E is mated to a 3.

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2005 mercury mountaineer reviews

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2005 mercury mountaineer reviews

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