Huawei b315 as access point

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This is how I had it setup previously and trying to get there again but not sure what settings Im missing. I'm using the Huawei B router to connect to the Telkom LTE network and provide wifi access to the upstairs portion of the house. The Tenda is downstairs and provides wifi to the downstairs portion of the house. Sorry for late reply, been busy. It's holidaze. I need help on the following issue that I am experiencing:.

huawei b315 as access point

Anytime that I switch to the Huawei Bsmy connection always has immediate internet access. The problem with the delayed internet acces only occurs when I switch connections from the Huawei to the Dlink. The routers are connected together using LAN port 1 on each router.

The networking details of each router is as follows:. I would like to set one up as a WIFI extender but cannot seem to get the correct way do do it. I have tried various you tube videos but none of them seem to be working. If anyone in this forum perhaps manged to set up a Bs succesfully as a access point or extennder if you would not mind sharing the setting with me i would really appreciate it.

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huawei b315 as access point

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Thread starter Daruk Start date Dec 17, Daruk Honorary Master. Joined Jul 18, Messages 43, From what I can see, unless it's my primary WAN device, it's incredibly inflexible Huawei Company Representative Company Rep. Joined Sep 26, Messages Frikkie09 Active Member. Joined Jun 1, Messages PsyWulf Executive Member.

Joined Nov 22, Messages 8, Frikkie09 said:. PsyWulf said:. Nevermind, B not supported. I moved it to it's own subnet this is required - the B refused to share the subnet with my router. I connected it via cable to the WAN port of the B That's not a trainsmash for me since it's only used Wifi from the back yard while we're braaing or from my Gym.

I only require internet from those two locations and it is able to give me that. Huawei said:. Regards Huawei. Jercs5 New Member.Custom Search. Here is the quick guide to configure wireless router as access point.

You usually need to do this for creating a wireless network attaching to existing Ethernet home network without using additional access point. This will create a hybrid network that comprises wired and wireless network. After that you can proceed to make router configuration. For the Ethernet router, you basically just keep the existing settings without changes.

Ok… Now we are focusing on how to configure that wireless router as access point. There are only 2 configurations you need to do: LAN and wireless settings. First configuration is to configure the LAN setting on wireless router, means you need to assign an IP address and netmask to this router.

huawei b315 as access point

In this case, I label it as After that, proceed to make wireless configuration by assigning the mode, SSID, wireless channel, SSID broadcast and other settings as according to your needs. Also you need to configure the wireless encryption to encrypt the wireless data and improve wireless network security.Firstly, you need check whether the Huawei Bs modem had been successfully updated.

Then you can try to reset the router to factory default, and then do a new setting for your network. And then check whether the problem is still there. Did anyone else experience connection issues after updating to below software version on the Huawei Bs router? I have 3 sim cards sharing the same data bundle and the sim in my phone works just fine when I use it as a wifi access point, yet the router with one of the sim cards installed continue to sporadically fall back onto a 2G connection now.

I have to reset it to get it back to 3G.

How to set a Wireless Router as an Access Point

I did a factory reset and reconfigured my router. I also forced it to 3G only but then it just starts to drop data connectivity after about an hour's use. I swopped the simcards around but that also did not help. I have line of sight with the cell tower.

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But that is beside the point since my phone's acting as a data point works just fine. I experienced the Bs router started to behave badly? I have 3 sim cards sharing the same data bundle and the sim in my phone works just fine when I use it as a wifi access point, yet the router with one of the sim cards installed continue to sporadically fall back onto a 2G connection now after the below firmware update.

I now have to reset it to get it back to 3G and time and again do so during the day. I swopped the simcards between my phone and router around but that also did not help.

Also want to know how to revert back to previous firmware version. It never gave me any issues before the update.

huawei b315 as access point

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How can I reboot huawei b using call reboot through program interface. For example, my software detected that internet connection was broken after this my software should call some command file for reboot the router I'm using Microsoft Windows. Have you some documentation wich describe it issues.

Best regards, Alexander. Great Stuff!! Back to list.

HUAWEI HG8546M Router as access point

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All rights reserved.With no phone line I had to find an alternate way to get online. Since then 4G has become 5G, and speed and coverage have improved massively over the years. There are now a wide range of 4G routers, hot-spots and access points available, from USB battery powered dongles to top of the range next gen 5G routers with Gigabit Ethernet and Is it worth paying extra for one the premium models, or might a cheaper model provide everything you need?

Check out the comparison table below then read on for a buyers guide on what these features mean…. These routers provide in their simplest form an internet hotspot. In the same way as a smartphone can be set to share its internet connection, the same applies here.

All but one of the routers here have wired network ports.

4G LTE Routers Comparison

The top end models also have the latest Wi-Fi standard It offers excellent networking capabilities and good but not class leading 4G. Of the four aerials on top, the middle two are fixed and are used for transmitting the The outer two aerials are for the 4G LTE. You can stick with these, or they can be removed to allow the connection of an external antenna that can improve signal strength by mounting in a window or on the roof. It has top of the range WiFi performance but at a premium price.

Like the Asus above, the Netgear Nighthawk is a dual wired and 4G router. The Netgear Nighthawk offers excellent features in keeping with a high end model. Combined 2. Sadly, if using a 4G sim this drops to just Mbps which is the same as the budget 4G models here that are available for a third of the price of the Nighthawk.

The three antennas can be removed and replaced with aftermarket versions. They have an unusual connector though, so adapters would be needed for connecting to external antennas. However if using 4G for mobile broadband it suffers some compromises. It could be worth considering if you want a 4G router with awide range of configuration options, and are not bothered about transfers speeds across WiFi though.

The best value here, the E is one step up from using your mobile as a hot spot.

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